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In September 2020, my brother Aidan and I launched Trump Donald, a site that let people donate small amounts of money to support Biden every time Trump tweeted. As we said: When Donald gives us his "two cents", you give his opponent 2¢ (or more). Let's make Trump (literally) pay for his tweets!

Be Heard (formerly ePluribus) is a civic engagement platform I built with my brother Aidan while we were college students. Be Heard makes it super easy to contact your representatives in government — from the president down to your local Superintendent of Public Instruction. And it uses Verified Inc. (formerly Unum ID) so you can verify your identity and send messages as a verified constituent. That way, your representatives can be sure you're not a bot or foreign actor.

We're thrilled that, by now, thousands of people across 48 U.S. states have used Be Heard to contact their representatives and, well, be heard!