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Enlightenment (2021)
(Indiana limestone, 1.3x life size)

Enlightenment is my first (and currently only) stone sculpture. I spent over 600 hours and 6 months creating it!

Reverie is an orchestral score, but usually I write and perform songs for instruments and voice. I love to make creative videos of these songs! A few examples are below:

War on Rewind

"War on Rewind"
A song for peace

"War on Rewind" and an interview with me about the song were featured on WAMU, a local NPR station.

My Box of Mirrors is a performance structure I designed and built to accompany a song of mine called "Mirrors", which uses the infinite reflections of a box of mirrors as a metaphor for identity. The box has six one-way mirror panels that create infinite reflections visible from the outside. The panels fold down to let the person inside the box step out.


Here's a short video clip of my performance at Bing Concert Hall (Stanford University):

Performance at Bing Concert Hall (2018)
(video from an audience member)

This a selection of some of my photographs. I'm a novice with lots to learn, but I hope you enjoy them!

Evening's Empire

Evening's Empire
Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes — Death Valley National Park

The fArtism website is the best source for this, but as a brief introduction:

A work of Art and a work o' fArt
(David by Michelangelo and Fountain by Marcel Duchamp)

I played violin in orchestras throughout my youth, including the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra (MYSO) and the Stanford Symphony Orchestra. MYSO runs a competition called the John Downey Creation Project that allows young composers to write works to be premiered by MYSO ensembles. Reverie is a piece for full orchestra I wrote as a John Downey fellow. It was premiered by MYSO's Senior Symphony in 2014.


Here's a video of the premiere:

Premiere at Helen Bader Concert Hall (Milwaukee, WI) (2014)
(video from an audience member)

As my entry for the Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge (a national youth science competition), I lead a team of four students to educate 275 local fourth-graders about renewable energy.

The first part of Green Education was a presentation about wind, hydroelectric, and solar power. To make this fun and entertaining, we added demonstrations using a small windmill, a simple water turbine, and a solar panel wired to a fan. But we went a step further to leave a lasting impression on each school we visited.