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BIG DATA IS WATCHING YOU by Liam McCarty (2015)
(acrylic on canvas; 30 x 40 x 1 in)

Data and Power: Big Data and Corporate Control in Modern America is a book I published my freshman year at Stanford. The summer before I arrived on campus, I began researching technology and society, curious to understand the odd world of Silicon Valley. That research spawned what I thought would be a short essay but what then became a full-length book. It's available for purchase on Amazon.

By far my most significant piece of writing is the book Data and Power, which has its own section above. But I've included here two essays that may be of interest to some.

An American Delusion: Tiger Woods and the Tragedy of Scandal‚Äč

This essay explores the rise and fall of Tiger Woods in the context of American celebrity culture.

Click here to view PDF on mobile.
Click here to view PDF on mobile.