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18 projects
  • The Two Cent Pledge

    I pledge to give at least 2% of my time and money to charity (I hope you'll join me)

  • Metaphysics

    Pair of sculptures exploring the duality between determinism and randomness, between fate and chance

  • Enlightenment

    Larger than life stone sculpture arm interlocking with an impression

  • Songwriting

    Selection of my original songs and music videos

  • Font

    This website uses a font I created! (It's a variable font that can slide continuously between sans and serif)

  • The Truths of Fake News

    Video series that explains and entertains with 31 principles of how fake news works

  • Trump Donald

    Donate to make Trump pay for his tweets — literally!

  • Box of Mirrors

    Performance structure for an original song about identity and self reflection

  • Photography

    Selection of my photographs

  • fArtism

    A farce of Art...

  • Verified Inc.

    We Are The Verified Network

  • Be Heard

    Civic engagement platform — contact your reps as a verified constituent!

  • Data and Power

    Book exploring big data in its economic, political, and social context

  • Reverie

    Symphonic piece and a metaphorical waking dream

  • Articles

    Selection of my essays and papers

  • Green Education

    Science and art project to educate grade school students about renewable energy

  • Young Scientist Challenge

    National science competition I won by designing a wound closure device

  • What I'm Working On

    A few of the projects I'm actively working on