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Box of Mirrors

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My Box of Mirrors is a performance structure I designed and built to accompany a song of mine called "Mirrors", which uses the infinite reflections of a box of mirrors as a metaphor for identity. The box has six one-way mirror panels that create infinite reflections visible from the outside. The panels fold down to let the person inside the box step out.


Here's a short video clip of my performance at Bing Concert Hall (Stanford University):

Performance at Bing Concert Hall (2018)
(video from an audience member)


Look through this image gallery to get a better sense of the project:

From perfomance at Bing Concert Hall
About to perform "Mirrors" from inside the box
During construction outside the Stanford PRL (Product Realization Lab)
Believe it or not, I stored all of this wood in my dorm room! Forever grateful to my roommate
Small scale model of mirror reflections
A hexagonal box of one way mirror film attached to clear acrylic sheets
View of the base from above
The entire structure is extremely modular, consisting of (many copies of) just a few distinct parts
Almost fully constructed box, outside Haus Mitt dorm at Stanford
This was the first time I'd stood inside!

Drawings of the Box

Here are my drawings of the box, pre-construction:

Click here to view PDF on mobile.
Click here to view PDF on mobile.
Drawings for construction of the Box of Mirrors

My Song "Mirrors"


Here's a rough demo recording of "Mirrors":

"Mirrors (feat. Liam Hale)"
(rough guitar demo)


Here are the lyrics:

Click here to view PDF on mobile.
Click here to view PDF on mobile.