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Reverie is an orchestral score, but usually I write and perform songs for instruments and voice under the name Liam Hale (@LiamHaleMusic on all channels). I love to make creative videos of these songs! A few examples are below:

War on Rewind

"War on Rewind"
A song for peace

"War on Rewind" and an interview with me about the song were featured on WAMU, a local NPR station.


(response to John Mayer's "Waiting on the World to Change")

Joy (I Still See the Sun)

"Joy (I Still See the Sun)"
(one man orchestra!)

Kaleidoscope Eyes

"Kaleidoscope Eyes"


(with detailed explanation at the end)



American Dreamer

"American Dreamer"
(a lyrical collage)


(a nonbeliever and a believer find common ground)


(a dialectic duet between a leader and a crowd)

One Man Band

One Man Band!