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Like many people, I was stunned to see how prevalent misinformation had become in America, especially during and after the 2016 presidential election. As the 2020 election neared, the problem only seemed to get worse, and no one seemed to know what to do about it. I felt like I barely even understood how misinformation spread, let alone how to stop it, so I embarked on a huge research project.

The result was 31 Truths of Fake News, which I turned into a video series. The videos follow a "show don't tell" approach, illustrating the principle before describing it. The result is a series of very short vidoes (each typically a few minutes long) that explain and entertain.

Table of Contents

In September 2020, my brother Aidan and I launched Trump Donald, a site that let people donate small amounts of money to support Biden every time Trump tweeted. As we said: When Donald gives us his "two cents", you give his opponent 2¢ (or more). Let's make Trump (literally) pay for his tweets!

Table of Contents

The fArtism website is the best source for this, but as a brief introduction:

A work of Art and a work o' fArt
(David by Michelangelo and Fountain by Marcel Duchamp)