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Reverie is an orchestral score, but usually I write and perform songs for instruments and voice under the name Liam Hale (@LiamHaleMusic on all channels). I love to make creative videos of these songs! A few examples are below:

War on Rewind

"War on Rewind"
A song for peace

Table of Contents

My Box of Mirrors is a performance structure I designed and built to accompany a song of mine called "Mirrors", which uses the infinite reflections of a box of mirrors as a metaphor for identity. The box has six one-way mirror panels that create infinite reflections visible from the outside. The panels fold down to let the person inside the box step out.


Here's a short video clip of my performance at Bing Concert Hall (Stanford University):

Performance at Bing Concert Hall (2018)
(video from an audience member)

Table of Contents

I played violin in orchestras throughout my youth, including the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra (MYSO) and the Stanford Symphony Orchestra. MYSO runs a competition called the John Downey Creation Project that allows young composers to write works to be premiered by MYSO ensembles. Reverie is a piece for full orchestra I wrote as a John Downey fellow. It was premiered by MYSO's Senior Symphony in 2014.


Here's a video of the premiere:

Premiere at Helen Bader Concert Hall (Milwaukee, WI) (2014)
(video from an audience member)